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Ferrous metal scrap

5353e49f3c431For any enterprise the recycling of ferrous metals scrap is always:

- the ability to write off from the balance sheet the technique and its parts which are out of use. Our company carries out the legal activity with the conclusion of a contract, acting under the license. Therefore, we provide a complete drawing up of all necessary documents.

- cleaning of a territory from the massive waste of ferrous metal;

- environmental issue solution: handing ferrous metal scrap for processing, you help to preserve nature;

- additional income: the part of the sum invested in the equipment will be returned to a company at the provision of scrap for recycling.

    VRS LLC carries out the reception of ferrous metal scrap on favorable terms.

We accept the following types of scrap:


- car scrap: old cars of domestic and foreign production are accepted for recycling;

- railway scrap: we accept not only rails and the parts of trains, but also cars for subsequent installation. Besides, within the framework of non-ferrous metal processing service, our company acquires electric and diesel locomotives.

- scrap steel with a manganese content of more than 8%: most often these are hammers, chain tracks.

- pipes that are out of use: accepted with the sorting by brands.



Besides of the processing of non-ferrous metals, our company offers individual services associated with the disposal:


- export of scrap;

- dismantling of structures;

- storage;

- chemical analysis;

- counseling and evaluation.

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